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Mobile Video to Broadcast, Digital and OTT. Instantly!

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Fans, reporters & viewers upload videos/photos. Burst makes them ready for broadcast, digital and OTT within minutes.

Real-time integration to broadcast, digital and OTT

Burst delivers mobile videos/photos from fans, viewers, reporters and editors into your existing workflows.  

UGC without an app download

Burst allows you to crowdsource user-generated content (UGC) without an app download.  

Intelligent curation platform

Sorting through thousands of your users' videos/photos is difficult. Burst makes it easy with a suite of curation tools and automated workflows.  

Simplified rights management

Securing media rights from your users can be complicated and time-consuming. Burst simplifies legally compliant content acquisition.  

Easy to use, cloud-based CMS

Burst's easy to use cloud-based tools and content management allow you to quickly find & use the best moments on any screen. 

Meaningful analytics

Gain a richer understanding of who your audience is and what drives their behavior with Burst's advanced analytics. 

Why Burst?

Engage With Viewers Like Never Before.